data sheets

PressSense® offers a full range of standard and custom products to meet your application needs. Included below are standard substrate datasheets for reference on products descriptions and technical specifications. We are continually adding new products to expand our material lines. If you require specialty information, please contact your PressSense® sales representative or email us at


BlockOut Vinyl (BOV)
DuraPro™ CC Polypropylene Co-Polymer
DuraPro™ Polypropylene Co-Polymer
Duropaque™ Blockout Polypropylene
EcoBlock™ Blockout Polyolefin
FloorSense Meets UL410 Rating
Glasstick See Clearly
I-Kling™ URA Multi-Polymer Composite
Krystal Klear
Krystal Krome Blackout Film
Melinex® 329
Melinex® 339
Melinex® AF2
Melinex® AG3
Mylar® A
Mylar® EB11
PressSense® DuraKlear AF
PressSense® DuraKlear Coated BOPP-A
PressSense® DuraKlear Coated BOPP-P
PressSense® DuraKlear HS
PressSense® DuraKlear Matte NS
PressSense® DuraWhite CHS BOPP
PressSense® DuropaqueTM Window Film
PressSense® EZKling Permanent PVC Free
PressSense® EZKling Removable PVC Free
PressSense® FabricKling PVC Free
PressSense® Krystal G1A
PressSense® Krystal G2A
PressSense® Krystal ILH-HG
PressSense® Krystal Matte Soft Touch
PressSense® Krystal PET G2S
PressSense® Krystal PET ILH
PressSense® Krystal PET P1C
PressSense® Krystal Plus
PressSense® Permanent Vinyl
PressSense® Static Cling Vinyl
PressSense® Synergy+ Multi-Polymer resin PVC • Free
PressSense® White Opaque Vinyl
PressSense® Window Face Film
PressSense® Krystal RUV
PressSense® Low Tack Vinyl
PressSense® ProCycle Recycled from Bottles
PressSense® Vinyl
PressSense® WallTalker
PressSense® White Counter Talker Film
PressSense® JAZZ
Scratch Resistant (SRV) – Rigid PVC Film
Silver Synergy™ Multi-Polymer Synthetic Paper
Synergy™ Tougher and Longer Lasting
ValueLine Semi-Gloss U/Perm
ValueLine High Gloss U/Perm
ValueLine Matte Litho U/Perm
ValueLine Offset U/Perm
White Krystal Blackout Film

PressSense® Outstanding Services include:

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  • Attentive and knowledgeable customer service
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