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PressSense® is a premier precision converter and distributor of film in the United States. We have a broad portfolio of polyester and polypropylene films available to fulfill our customers’ application requirements. Our dedicated and experienced team provide attention to detail and knowledgeable service in order fulfillment and technical support needed in today’s marketplace.



Clear, super clear, matte, high haze, low haze, untreated, corona treated, adhesion coated, anti-fog, anti-glare, slip treated, heat sealable, white opaque (treated and untreated) and white translucent

Gauge / Thickness: 48 gauge to 2000 gauge


  • Clear, matte, white
  • Heat sealable, non-sealable, treated, coated


– heat sealable PET and BOPP, lidding, films for lamination
– clear adhesion treated and slip treated PET, archival PET
– high and low haze untreated, silicone coated, and adhesion treated polyesters for various applications, such as fiberglass release, wire and cable, release liners and coaters.
Tag and Labels
– Clear and white opaque treated PET and untreated white opaque PET
Folding carton
– Clear treated PET and non-sealable treated BOPP
Face Shield
– clear PET with anti-fog or anti-glare coating

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