printable plastics

PressSense® printable plastics are manufactured and converted to meet the highest standards today in the printing industry. With our market and print knowledge, we provide our customers with the best materials and results for their equipment and applications

We offer materials for various printing methods:

• UV Offset
• Conventional Offset
• Digital
• Screen

We specialize in high quality films and plastics, as well as custom manufactured plastic formulations, coatings and constructions.

PressSense® printable plastics include:

• ClingZ
• Blackout Vinyl
• Duropaque
• Duropaque Window Film
• Durapro
• Durapro CC
• EZKling
• Floor Graphics
• Glasstick
• High Impact Polystyrene
• IKling
• Jazz
• Krystal
• Procycle
• Silver Synergy
• Static Cling Vinyl
• Synergy
• Vinyl
• WallTalker

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